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Mom, I’m scared — they’re shooting at us!

About This Project

The short film "What's Up, Kid?"

The first movie in the U.S. to be made about the school shooting problem. Why does it happen? What can we do to keep this from happening and how can we protect ourselves?

Hello everyone! We are making the first short film in the U.S. about a problem that we all are aware of but never seem to be prepared for. This movie is a product of the future - both literally and metaphorically. And right now, you have the chance to become a part of this product.

For years, Megan Cruz has been helping child survivors of school shootings: "We all realize how dangerous such an experience can be for a child. Still, many parents lack understanding of how to prepare their kids for things like that. It's time to change this. What we suggest is that we do it together - including you."

Why is it so important for children and their parents? Today, as school and mass shootings seem to be getting more frequent and violent, we need to start preparing children as early as their pre-school years. After all, just because it hasn't happened yet in one's school doesn't make it impossible or any less likely to happen. This is what's really happening to our children these days. And they have to be prepared no matter what.

The short film "What's Up, Kid?" is expected to raise public awareness of the issue and do so in an authentic and engaging way, yet with no emotional manipulation.

Movie concept "What's Up, Kid?" mainly employs the artistic device of showing the audience how things are seen through the eyes of a child. The peaceful world that grown-ups have built around a kid crumbles when school or another place gets disturbed by violence, terror, or an armed man. The "through the child's eyes" shooting technique will maximize the immersion into the little fella's experience. And yet the main question the story poses is not "Who do we blame?", it's "What can we do about it?" Because something has to be done. The film credits will lead to a website giving the necessary information on the issue as well as simple advice on how to support one's child. Artistic challenge What we create is a captivating artistic narrative about an acute social issue that affects us all. The film "What's Up, Kid?" shows multi-layered stories through innovative visual techniques. Alongside the characters, the audience takes a journey from their childhood memories to the present, where they face the question, "What does tomorrow hold for each of us?" Right now, we all get to choose our own future.

Movie genre Short feature film, drama, running time 3 minutes. Timetable Special thanks to the designer for making the storyboard and to the photographer for helping us design the campaign! By Blackmamba Production


Project budget

A charitable initiative, our project is to be co-funded by a grant. It means we have the "seed money" enabling us to create an adequate director's script and begin the shooting. Still, for the end result to meet the high quality of the initial idea, the project budget must be supplemented. And it is this campaign's funds that will be used to continue the filmmaking process.


October 2022 The kickoff: crew assembling, casting, location and props selection, shooting planning, etc.

November 2022 Shooting process. Developing the project's website.

January 2023 Finalizing the film and website production. Premiering the film and launching the website.

We invite you to join our efforts. Together, we can make sure that children have a greater opportunity to live a happy, violence-free life!


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