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Together for Ukrainian animals

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"The war in Ukraine is a tragedy not only for people but also for animals. It is hard to describe the current situation – bombs and rockets are dropped on shelters, animals die on the spot or run around in shock," say Viva! Rescue Centre. "There is a shortage of food and resources for treating sick and injured animals. The situation is dramatic." IFAW is committed to helping the people and animals impacted by the crisis in Ukraine for as long as it is needed. We’re working with partners in Ukraine and neighboring countries to care for animals in shelters, zoos and sanctuaries. We’re helping refugees in Poland who are fleeing the war in Ukraine with their pets by delivering pet food and supplies. And we’re working with authorities to assess long-term needs. The best way you can help is by becoming a monthly sustainer. Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure that we can continue our life-saving work in disaster zones, destroyed habitats and everywhere we are needed. Please make a gift today and become part of the rescue.

Another charity helping to save animals from the Ukrainian war is UAnimals – an animal rights organisation based in Ukraine. From rescuing stray dogs to delivering vital pet food supplies, they rely heavily on donations to ensure they can continue to do their work. Savepetsofukraine

The best way to help is to become a Monthly Sustainer. Monthly donations are the easiest and most effective way to continue our life-saving work in places where we need it most, such as disaster areas and destroyed habitats.

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Currently, during the brutal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine, our activities are aimed at providing animals in the war zone with food and satisfying their basic needs, organizing evacuation of animals as well as providing them with medical care. Now we are helping 84 shelters - there is an average of 220 animals living in each shelter, and their basic needs must be met every day. In total, there are as many as 12,000 dogs and 6,500 cats living in the shelters, we take care of! Tens of thousands of pets have already been reported missing in Ukraine during the wartime. We need to ensure that all pets can easily be returned to their loving families in this time, when a pet may be all that people have left. We have already provided 250,000+ tags and registrations for people and pets in Ukraine. We estimate that there are 200,000 more pets that need this service, so we need to raise $120,000 in order to ensure all pets are covered. Thanks for donating & helping pets!


  • Each of them deserves to live in warmth and always be full. Besides daily worries about feeding our tailed friends, very often there is a serious problem in arranging comfortable living conditions for them, which is always especially relevant on the eve of cold season. Due to constant shelling, most regions of Ukraine have no water, electricity, and heating. And the situation is getting worse every day. If we are late for buying firewood, heaters and stoves, the shelters may be left without heat

  • Purchasing the heating materials will not only give the shelters a chance to survive this winter, but also give the possibility to not so much depend on the centralized heating. Besides, this is an opportunity to heat the shelters with their own forces. That is, by purchasing heaters and stoves once, we will provide the shelters with heat for many years to come.

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